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Matt Krak

I'm a Developer Relations Engineer! Let me prove to you that my crypto knowledge will fuel your team's success.

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Project Manager

My experience in both Web2 and Web3 gave me the opportunity to build amazing SaaS products and manage top talent internationally 🤝

Web3 Developer

In just one year, I grew my dev skills by winning hackathons, founding education communities, and working as a DevRel! I'm a crypto sponge 🧽

Crypto Founder

Not only did I learn best practices through working in Web2 and Web3 SaaS, I launched my own companies to become an industry expert ⚡️


Professional Portfolio

See the works that I'm best known for.

LayerZero Labs | DevRel Engineer

I am LayerZero Labs first developer relations hire, leading efforts to grow the builder community, owning technical documentation and writing, and running technical workshops to onboard new developers.

PolyGONE Global | Founder & CEO

I worked directly with Polygon's leadership to brainstorm Polygon Global, a developer education accelerator and hackathon focused on the 0xPolygon tech stack. Although the project was eventually shelved, we raised $250k.

portifi | 2nd place at ETH San francisco

PortiFi operates as a permissionless quant finance tool; helping trading strategists and casual DeFi users generate more alpha. We won 2nd prize of $3,000 from the 0xProject at ETHGlobal's hackathon in San Francisco.

Tech StackManagement Stack

SugarBlock | 1st place in hackathon

SugarBlock operates as a P2P marketplace that enables nonprofit organizations to find skilled labor, and reward freelancers using crypto donations. We won 1st prize of $15,000 in a blockchain hackathon sponsored by Franklin Templeton and a $6,000 grant from Alchemy.

Tech StackManagement Stack
HTML5Trello / Clickup
TailwindCSSGoogle Calendar

Gearcloud | 2nd place in hackathon

GearCloud solves the problem everyone hates: taking your car to the mechanic. It’s time consuming, way overpriced, and it’s hard to find a mechanic you can trust. Instead of paying a fortune for repairs, we answer the question: What if your mechanic lived right next door? We placed 2nd out of 30 teams in a hackathon sponsored by UCSD.

Tech StackManagement Stack

Chainstack | DevRel & Head of Polygon

I led Chainstack's efforts expanding into the Polygon ecosystem, becoming an industry expert on both the tech stack and product use cases by meeting with the core Polygon team, writing technical threads, and documenting events.


As part of Spawn's Web3 fellowship, I had the opportunity to speak on a panel with other high achieving students in the industry to discuss the problems of Web3 education on college campuses, and possible remedies.

HOUSECALL PRO | Innovation intern

As an Innovation Intern at Housecall Pro, I coordinated between the growth marketing and engineering team to design marketing materials, build a partnership pipeline with trade schools, and launch promotion sites / social media accounts, generating 35,000+ impressions.

Tech StackManagement Stack

ADAPT | 2nd place in hackathon

ADAPT is an education software designed to make learning more personalized and efficient through the application of adaptive learning technology, personal psychology, and smart UI/UX design. I placed 2nd out of 25 teams during the Hacker Exchange's APAC Innovation Hackathon and Bootcamp.

Design StackManagement Stack
CANVAGoogle Calendar


Proof my skills are what your company is looking for

  • Polygon Labs: Received a $250k grant directly from the founder

  • Chainstack: DevRel Engineer & Head of Polygon

  • Polygon @ The Pit: Accepted into a private Polygon accelerator

  • Franklin Templeton: 1st prize of $15,000 in blockchain hackathon

  • Alchemy: Won a $6,000 grant to continue building SugarBlock

  • Blockchain at SD: Cofounded UC San Diego's blockchain club

  • Spawn: Accepted out of over 100 students for a Web3 fellowship

  • LearnWeb3DAO: Completed entire senior education track

  • Encode Club: Joined a private full-stack Solidity bootcamp

  • StatesDAO: Accepted into 2nd fellowship cohort

  • Blockchain Acceleration Foundation: Scholarship winner

  • HEX: 2nd place hackathon winner and bootcamp participant

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